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Being a true partner is much more than just selling hardware and services.

Solutions, Services and Programs with a purpose.

Scaled Data supports your business objectives with a rich and diverse catalog of Solutions, “as a service” offerings, and Managed Service Programs. Our goal is to always develop a strategy, a foundational 1-3-5 year roadmap, that guides solutions and delivers an approach that aligns succinctly with your business goals.

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Changing times require a different Approach.

How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? Foremost we are not a VAR, in fact we only sell a handful of solutions and we stay vendor neutral. We are not into software or hardware margins, so we never press a solution that means more to us than to you. Secondly, we bring a leadership approach to everything we do. Our recommendations, designs and strategies are developed with financial accountability, scalability and supportability in mind. And finally, we focus on sectors. Our Healthcare clients are different than our manufacturing clients. Different needs. Different focus. Amazing outcomes.

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Scaled Data provides a large range of services, both managed and professional.

Our Services

At Scaled Data, we provide an extensive network operations center service that will ensure your organization stays focused on their goals without having to worry about network speeds, data access times, or data recovery. Our team of NOC technicians will do everything possible to ensure that your organization’s networks and IT infrastructure are operating properly.

Scaled Data can help with the challenges of migrating to the cloud, securely, seamlessly, on time, and on budget. Our O365 Certified consultants guide our clients through the migration process by simplifying the migration, security, and management of Office 365.

Save countless hours and resources by implementing reference architecture and having it managed through Enterprise Alignment. Enterprise Alignment creates, manages, deploys, and updates reference architecture in real-time so your company can grow faster and improve quicker.

Enterprise data backup can be a complex and time-consuming process for many organizations. Additionally, understanding your data footprint and opportunities for data reduction is not an exercise most organizations have time to execute.

Our Solutions

When there is a merger or acquisition it's incredibly important to insure you don't lose any of the data in the process. Our team of specialists will help facilitate that exchance in a secure and convenient way!

We provide a host of solutions to help seamlessly transition some, or all of your workforce into a more remote position. Whether you are trying to save money or tap a wider range of candidates and their talents, we understand how important it is to have a remote workforce.

Don't let a disaster destroy your data - make sure you have a recovery plan in place for business continuity in the event of the unexpected with Scaled Data.

Whether you're conducting initial network setup or making network changes it's vital to maintain your infrastructure so as to not disrupt daily workflows.

Our Programs

Our CareShare program is an industry first, targeted program for Critical Care, Rural and Safety Net Hospitals that brings an Enterprise IT focus to underserved organizations that have budget, aptitude and strategic constraints.

Scaled Data has been managing large, enterprise class Citrix environments for over 12 years. Our clients receive first class, 24/7 365 support, monitoring and management as well as architectural and engineering services.

With a rich team of former CIOs, CTOs and VPs, Scaled Data can provide advisory council services to organizations of all sizes and structure. Rather than providing the leadership role exclusively, we can function as an adjacent “peer” to help business leaders (Including IT Leaders) qualify decisions, spend or trends.