Increase your application performance and strengthen your security posture with a robust virtual desktop/application deployment strategy.

No matter where your workforce is or how robust your current IT infrastructure is almost every business can benefit from utilizing virtual desktops. Here are some benefits to using virtual desktops for your organization:

  • Confidential and private data lives in a secure server or cloud.
  • Eliminate loss of data or theft of personal computers.
  • Processing power is outsourced to a central server or the cloud.
  • Save money on IT fixed-costs through managed data servers.

If you are thinking about using virtual desktops for your organization, you will need someone to deploy, manage, secure, and optimize your virtual desktops. Without someone to manage your virtual desktops, you may be opening yourself up to security threats or glacial computer speeds.

Agile Workspace is Scaled Data’s module within Observation Deck that specifically addresses and manages your virtual desktops. Whether you have been using virtual desktops for years or you are just starting a business, switching to Agile Workspace can improve your virtual desktops’ security, ensuring your business is running at optimal levels.

At Scaled Data, we have 10 years of enterprise experience architecting, deploying, and supporting multi-tenant application delivery solutions from Citrix, VMware, Quest, and Microsoft. We take a very holistic approach to application and desktop delivery, creating strategies to help guide your organization into the future.

The Agile Workspace service module is your one-stop-shop for virtual desktop solutions. Complete your application and data security program with a fully managed, fully delivered service under Agile Workspace.

If you are ready to experience Agile Workspace and have an experienced company manage and secure your virtual desktops, contact Scaled Data today. To learn more about Scaled Data’s Observation Deck or the full suite of modules offered in TRUST, visit the rest of our website.