Scaled Data provides services that are independent of our Managed Service Programs. Designed to augment your organization’s existing needs, Scaled Data can provide a fully managed “as a service” offering for many IT solutions.

Network Operations Center

With 3 geographically independent network operations centers, Scaled Data can provide the oversight and management your organization is looking for. Our NOC services can offer the following:

  • Monitoring data
  • Incident management
  • Quality control
  • Alerting and ticketing
  • Configuration management database

Our network operations centers will provide clear visibility to the health of your environment and can take proactive measures to resolve issues, work with 3rd parties such as carriers and data providers, and provide analytics.

Our team of engineers and analysts will be there 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure your environment has the oversight it deserves and your business users demand.

Security Operations Center

Centralized within Scaled Data’s network operations centers, our security operations center services will provide the security oversight your organization requires.

  • Security monitoring with either your existing investment or ours
  • Routine analysis to detect cyber incidents and trends
  • Data-driven security approach to implement new policies into existing infrastructure

Let us keep you ahead of the game and positioned to protect your investments. You can trust our computer analysts, white hat hackers, and system engineers to provide you with security and more.


Patching is an essential component in maintaining a robust IT infrastructure. Many organizations struggle to adequality patch their investments in a consistent, confident manner. Scaled Data’s “patching as a service” offers significant value beyond simply “pushing” patches. Our patching services include

  • Cross-training your application teams and stakeholders
  • Extensive patch testing in our isolated, contained environment
  • Robust patching schedule
  • Vulnerability scans against every node in new patches
  • Audits that are entered into our configuration management database

Having your own organization do patching can take away precious project and support time from your staffed resources. Patching through Scaled Data will save you time and money, and it will allow you to focus.

Let Scaled Data provide the confidence you deserve in knowing your environment is patched appropriately.