Your business thrives on being able to utilize technology in a smooth and efficient manner. When you or anyone in your organization has to wait to access data, start programs, or connect on a conference call, your company suffers.

Utilizing a network operations center, also known as a NOC, will help ensure that your company’s IT department and assets are running smoothly and effectively. By outsourcing your network operations center to a dedicated team of IT engineers and technicians, you can save your organization precious space, staffing, and company resources.

At Scaled Data, we provide an extensive network operations center service that will ensure your organization stays focused on their goals without having to worry about network speeds, data access times, or data recovery. Our team of NOC technicians will do everything possible to ensure that your organization’s networks and IT infrastructure are operating properly.

What is a Network Operating Center?

At its core, a network operating center is a central location that houses remote monitoring and management software for specific organizations. At the network operating center, there is a dedicated group of IT technicians who maintain data and IT infrastructure remotely.

Network operating centers watch over your organization’s computers and other IT assets, resolving issues and preventing any other issues from cropping up. Whether you need to implement a new application across all of your organization’s computers or you want to ensure your data is backed-up effectively.

How does a Network Operating Center Work?

Using a network operating center is all about making your organization’s network performance flawless and increasing organizational productivity. Network operating center technicians essentially monitor your network and observe where there are choke-points in the network or there are inefficient network processes.

When an issue or area of improvement is identified by the network operating center, a network operating center technician will notify the organization. The organization’s IT department will then work with the network operating center to remedy the situation effectively. The network operating center will also offer suggestions to prevent similar issues from arising in other areas of the IT infrastructure.

Scaled Data’s Network Operating Centers

Scaled Data’s network operating centers are completely customizable, giving you the freedom to choose what part of a network operating center your organization needs. Whether you and your organization need more hands-on help with your IT department or you are looking for a network operating center that only monitors your network, Scaled Data has scaled solutions for your organization.

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in working with organizations in all industries. From large medical practices to large businesses, our network operating center services will keep your network’s data backed-up and running smoothly.

One of the biggest benefits of using Scaled Data’s network operating center services is that you can outsource the fixed labor and infrastructure costs of creating your own network operating center in-house. When your organization grows or contracts, so too can your use of our network operating center services. At Scaled Data, we understand that organizations wax and wane, and we accommodate that activity. When your organization is just starting, you can utilize our services and effectively scale up as your company grows. Alternatively, if you know that your organization is consolidating assets, we can handle that change.

Scaled Data is here to help you and your organization. We have an excellent reputation working in the industry and are happy to answer any and all of your questions. If you are looking for a more robust service, check out our Observation Deck service for IT management. Alternatively, if you are looking for a complete and unrivaled IT management service, visit our TRUST page, where you can learn more about one of the best-managed data services available.