Think about how much private or confidential information your company has access to. Whether you’re a regional hospital or a business that processes payments, chances are, you have plenty of information that, if taken by a hacker or cybercriminal, could have disastrous consequences for your organization.

Organizations need peace of mind knowing that their data and cyber assets are safe from criminals and malcontents. One of the best ways to monitor and improve security at an organization is by utilizing a security operations center. Every business can benefit from utilizing a security operations center, no matter its size. If you are ready to implement a security operation center from a trusted IT management service, contact Scaled Data today.

What is a Security Operations Center?

A security operations center utilizes a specialized central location with highly-trained technicians to give your organizations cybersecurity support. Through a complex series of computers that monitor cyber risks and IT security, a security operations center handles all of your organization’s cybersecurity.

These days, there are tons of cyber risks that many organizations don’t even know pose a threat. The risk of cybercrime is greater now more than ever before. IT cybersecurity is becoming more important every day, and security operations centers perform a variety of services to ensure that your organization is protected.

Some of the most common services performed by security operations centers are penetration testing, audits, security risk assessments, source code reviews, and the creation of thorough cybersecurity policies and procedures. All of these tests and reviews will make your organization’s security more robust.

How does a Security Operation Center Benefit Your Organization?

A security operation center is typically a remote location that manages and observes all of your IT infrastructure and assets. Your IT operations will be monitored in real time with a series of software systems that detect possible cybersecurity threats.

There are a series of tests that are constantly being performed that help the security operation center understand your organizations IT infrastructure. From penetration testing to intrusion testing and log management systems, the security operation center aggregates information to better understand your system’s infrastructure, security, and weaknesses.

Scaled Data’s Security Operations Center

Scaled Data brings your organization unrivaled security operations center services. There are many different options for organizations in every industry, both big and small. We have years of experience working with different organizations and implementing security solutions. No matter what kind of business you run, you can benefit from using Scaled Data’s security operations center services.

One of the best parts about Scaled Data’s security operation center is that it is entirely scalable to meet the needs of your organization. Whether you are a new non-profit organization or you are a large regional hospital, Scaled Data has options for every budget. We are happy to expand services as your organization grows. Save money and the fixed staffing and infrastructure costs of creating your own security operation center by utilizing the highly trained cybersecurity experts at Scaled Data.

We use an extensive assortment of security analysis tools to help us first understand your organization’s existing security protocol. We run penetration testing, security risk assessment, web application testing, and source code review. We then create an audit so that you can understand how your current system protects you and where it does not.

After reviewing the audit and analyzing where your organization’s security can improve, we create a new cybersecurity risk management framework with new policies and procedures to ensure that your company is proactively taking steps to prevent and handle cybercrimes.

If you are ready to experience one of the best security operations center services available on the market, be sure to contact Scaled Data today to discuss options that work specifically for your organization.