Cyber crimes are expected to cost the world economy well over $600 billion this year. How prepared is your organization when it comes to a cyber threat?

Confidence One, Scaled Data’s modular cybersecurity service, gives you and your organization the confidence to work on improving your business rather than recovering from a cyber attack. Whether you run a regional hospital or you have a small tech startup, having excellent cybersecurity and proper IT hygiene is key to growth and success.

By utilizing Scaled Data’s IT management platform, Observation Deck, combined with Confidence One, your organization can develop robust IT hygiene. When your organization utilizes Confidence One, you can reap the benefits of a robust cybersecurity service:

  • Audit policies and procedures
  • Honest and efficient evaluations of current cybersecurity situation
  • Meaningful procedures and software to prevent data breaches
  • Breaches and attacks are evaluated and risks assessed
  • Policies created to handle situations effectively

Scaled Data’s managed security service, Confidence One, is completely unique. We take an internalized view of your security posture. When we are done evaluating your organization, we create a policy-oriented security posture that works to protect your interests from internal and external threats.

At Scaled Data, we understand how important your cybersecurity is. Our team of dedicated analysts and engineers will work tirelessly to create an effective cybersecurity posture that will give you the tools to respond to threats in an efficient and effective manner.

If there is ever a situation that you or your organization is concerned about, you can utilize the Observation Deck to get answers and information from Scaled Data 24/7.

Don’t take chances with cyber threats and cybercrime — be sure to call Scaled Data today to learn more about Confidence One or our IT management platform. Trust in an experienced cybersecurity and IT management service — trust in Scaled Data.