Modern day infrastructure is varied and complex and sometimes organizations struggle with how to adopt newer platforms. As the “traditional” infrastructure model shifts to a hybrid of purchased and consumed resources, Scaled Data can provide the guidance and assurance that the chosen direction reflects a strategic objective and the execution of that strategy is flawless.

Scaled Data has partnered with Datrium to help reshape the “traditional infrastructure” concept into a modern, flexible, scalable and cost-effective strategy for your organization.

Built on the concept of software defined HCI, Datrium can provide an enterprise solution for compute, storage, backup and DR orchestration, all under one platform. Gone are the days of managing storage and compute and shopping for a backup and DR orchestration tool that integrates with your systems.

Scaled Data can provide the necessary analytics to help your organization understand the cost, efficiency and performance benefits of a Datrium HCI solution.

  • Robust audit of existing compute and storage
  • Resource modeling to align future state objectives
  • Co-Location/Managed Service and consumption models
  • Deployment strategy and migration services
  • Reference Architecture and runbooks
  • DR and Backup strategy