What is Observation Deck?

Observation Deck is a modular services platform. Whether you want some or all of our IT management solutions, the choice is yours.

The platform consists of service or program “modules” that were developed specifically to allow organizations to easily migrate to, and consume, managed data services.

Following our APPS ⋅ DATA ⋅ SECURITY principal,  all of our programs are designed to address specific and fundamental areas of an enterprise IT department. Organizations can take a “lift & shift” approach using any one of our five programs/modules or choose them all and subscribe to what we call TRUST.

Agile Workspace

Virtual Desktops & Applications (Citrix, VMWare, Quest, Microsoft)

  • This module was designed to help strengthen both the security and performance of your applications.
  • We help you design, deploy, and support your solutions with confidence.

Confidence One

Cyber Security & IT Hygiene

  • Pass through five tiers to reach total confidence in your company’s cyber security and IT hygiene.
  • We take a unique approach to creating consistent and meaningful security principles back by experienced analysts and engineers.


Commodity Technologies (Network, Servers, Storage)

  • Strengthen the necessary components of your IT program.
  • We offer 24/7 network operation center services and enterprise monitoring to take the idea of “full service” to the next level.
  • Our personal analysts and engineers will help you every step of the way.

Enterprise Alignment

System Architecture & Application Architecture

  • This module assists organizations as they design new technologies and implement them.
  • Save time and money by upgrading your system’s application architecture.
  • We help you professionally assess and audit your programs after they have been released.

Measurable Dynamics

Leadership & Road Mapping

  • Let us map out your business’s direction with you and get you working towards your goals.
  • Partner with our team of IT leaders and regain traction for your goals.
  • We’ll augment your current team, provide interim leadership, or completely drive your team towards success.


All Scaled Data Modules Working in Perfect Harmony

  • Take advantage of all five of our modules and programs by choosing TRUST.
  • Complete white-glove treatment that will support you in all your IT needs.
  • Focus completely on your business without worry about IT and data infrastructure.

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