Citrix Management

Scaled Data has been managing large, enterprise class Citrix environments for over 12 years. Our clients receive first class, 24/7 365 support, monitoring and management as well as architectural and engineering services.

We will:

  • Create a strategy around your Citrix investment
  • Align Virtual Apps and Desktops with your security objectives
  • Transform your hardware refresh strategies
  • Monitor your environment 24/7 365
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Eliminate aptitude gaps
  • Assess cloud options

Our engineering, Architecture and support teams will continually assess, advance and support your large investment in Citrix technologies.

  • Seasoned Citrix architects and engineers with 10+ years of experience
  • Value-add monitoring/alerting platforms to allow deep insights into your environment
  • Peer Correlation helps to provide information on what other organizations are trending towards and why.

Citrix Management for Healthcare

Many Healthcare organizations depend heavily on Citrix for providing access to critical business systems, including patient care systems such as EMRs and PACs systems. Scaled Data has been providing Managed Citrix Services for over 12 years to large scale hospitals and healthcare clinics. Our proven managed services platform brings a warranty of success to one of the most critical delivery platforms in your environment.

  • EPIC. Scaled Data has been working with and deploying Epic/Hyperspace as a virtual application for over 10 years and has a rich and verbose understanding of the Epic technical landscape.
  • Extended value as our experience with system integration extends into such solutions as Document Management, PACs, Interface Engines and so on, helping ensure either a smooth transition into virtual applications or desktops or continual advancement and management of the solutions.
  • Thin Client design, deploy and manage as critical technology solution in most healthcare organizations.
  • Exam Rooms redefined. Scaled Data has significant experience working with healthcare customers on introducing more effective workflows into exam rooms and patient rooms using Citrix technologies.

Citrix Professional Services

Scaled Data has been designing and deploying enterprise Citrix solutions for over 12 years. Our crew of architects and engineers will work in partnership with your technology and business teams to deliver a robust, scalable and highly available Citrix solution.

  • Solutions for Virtual Applications and Desktops
  • Solutions for remote access, workload Load Balancing (Netscaler) and MDM
  • Cloud readiness assessment for public/private cloud workloads
  • DR solutions for your Citrix investments
  • Hyperconverged workload migration (Datrium, Hyperflex, Nutanix)
  • Azure workload migrations

Our services include reference architecture for end state and operational runbooks for those organizations who chose to manage their Citrix environment.