Advisory Counsel

Many leaders, with today’s ever-changing IT landscape, are looking for assurances that their investment decisions are viable. Many times, technology decisions are some of the more costly decisions an organization will make and being able to qualify those decisions can bring reassurance that the money and solutions have a high return on value.

With a rich team of former CIOs, CTOs and VPs, Scaled Data can provide advisory council services to organizations of all sizes and structure. Rather than providing the leadership role exclusively, we can function as an adjacent “peer” to help business leaders (Including IT Leaders) qualify decisions, spend or trends.

  • Budget guidance and forecasting
  • Strategic 1-3-5 road mapping
  • Cloud initiatives
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Staffing models and aptitude allocations
  • Data Analytics
  • Infrastructure & operations
  • Compliance and security

Our Advisory Council members meet regularly and work collaboratively to ensure you receive the best possible feedback and support for your organization’s needs.

The Advisory Council service can assist with:

Supporting newly minted CIO/CTO/VP/Executives with transition to the role.

Provide a safety net for major initiatives with complex deliverables

Assist with organizations who do not have/want formal IT leadership

Provide 3rd party liaison for merging organizations dealing with power struggle

Fractional/Interim Leadership

Scaled Data recognizes the needs organizations have with gaps in leadership. Whether it be an unanticipated departure at the executive level or a missing component to your C-Suite, Scaled Data has a solution to help bridge the gap, either temporarily or permanently.

With a rich team of former CIOs, CTOs and VPs, Scaled Data can provide leadership options to organizations of all sizes and structure

  • v.f. Leadership (virtual/fractional) provides executive resources to help lead your IT operations and strategies on a part-time basis. This solution is perfect for organizations whose budget does not allow for an IT executive, but whose business needs demand it.
  • Interim Leadership provides organizations with an executive resource on a limited time basis. This solution is geared toward organizations who want to maintain an executive IT presence while they search for a permanent replacement or decide if the role is needed in their organization.