Reference Architecture is an effective way to ensure that every new technology, be it software, hardware or process, seamlessly integrates into your current IT operation. Maintaining a foundational, referenceable set of architectures provides a warranty of success when merging new technologies into an already complex tech-ecosystem.

Scaled Data architecture services will create, manage and maintain your reference architecture documents across a breadth of tech disciplines.

  • Commodity infrastructure stacks (server, storage, network)
  • Application stacks
  • Security stacks
  • Public cloud Stacks
  • Process workflows
  • Healthcare system integrations (EMRs, PACs, Document Management)
  • Communication systems
  • Full Datacenter architecture
  • DR Architecture

Security focused. All Scaled Data architectures are heavily influenced by security standards and best practices. Additionally, Scaled Data will work with your Infosec Team to ensure the solution meets your organization’s standards and does not ignore any policy and procedures that may exists. All architectures are reviewed internally, across a breadth of technology disciplines as an added assurance that no considerations have gone unaccounted for.

  • Peer comparisons for similar technology designs
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats (SWAT) analysis for every architecture
  • Perpetual Audit to ensure design changes have been documented
  • Offsite repository for access to documentation in a crisis
  • Trend analysis and analytics on the impact of deployed solutions on your environment

Even the largest IT organizations suffer from the issue of having single or limited resources containing a breadth of understanding or knowledge about how systems or solutions work. Technology architecture is foundational and can alleviate that concern and open significant transparency into your complex operation.