Enterprise data backup can be a complex and time-consuming process for many organizations. Additionally, understanding your data footprint and opportunities for data reduction is not an exercise most organizations have time to execute. Backup is a necessity and data availability and integrity can be a regulated requirement.

Scaled Data goes beyond the simple concept of managing your backup environment. As part of our services we want to assist you in fully appreciating the breadth and scale of your data as well as your physical and virtual footprint so only data that should be getting backed up is. We will then provide options that meet the criteria for specific data types.

Scaled Data will:

  • Assist in creating policy and procedure (P&P) that defines data backups
  • Assist in establishing RTO/RPO and documenting to the P&P
  • Assist in assessing data and compute footprint to right size backup needs
  • Partner heavily in defining backups schedules by solution
  • Overview solution options if you want to own the backup solution
  • Provide our backup solution for a true MSP/Back up as a service

Scaled Data maintains a large catalog of geographic targets for your backups, allowing us to maintain RTOs regardless of your region. Our ability to migrate workloads across zones also helps with Disaster Recovery situations where you need to start backing up to a more local target from your recovery datacenter.

As a service, you can expect us to manage all areas and components of the backup process.

  • Create and manage to the defined backup schedules
  • Provide completion reports and/or write updates to a CMDB
  • Provide monthly recovery tests for identified critical data
  • Provide monthly reporting on backup consumption
  • Provide recovery services for requested data

Commodity Infrastructure Service

Infrastructure technologies are becoming more and more commoditized and consumption based. Additionally, many organizations are looking to commoditize the engineering, administration and support of the technologies by leveraging managed services.

Scaled Data can provide a simplified, yet prescriptive service in support of your organization’s infrastructure needs. We are experienced in managing enterprise scale infrastructures including:

  • Network LAN/WAN
  • Storage
  • Servers/Compute
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Firewall
  • Active Directory

Please contact us to learn more about how we can manage and scale your investment in core, commodity technologies that support your business needs.