Office 365 integrates a variety of applications, including email, instant messaging, user productivity tools, document management, and project management into a single offering.

Scaled Data can help with the challenges of migrating to the cloud, securely, seamlessly, on time, and on budget. Our O365 Certified consultants guide our clients through the migration process by simplifying the migration, security, and management of Office 365.

Scaled Data will work with you to determine which O365 services are the best fit for your organization. We will then develop a plan and execute the migration. Making the transition to the cloud requires careful planning, the right tools, and the right people to implement.

ScaledData offers the following services to help your organization effectively migrate users to cloud-based email, collaboration, instant messaging, Web conferencing, telephony, and many other services.

  • Licensing Guidance
    • Role based assessment for procuring the right type and right amount of O365 licenses
  • Full Project Management
    • Project management Microsoft/Office 365 engagements across entire project lifecycle; including planning, migration, change management, user adoption, and training.
  • Pre-Migration Analysis
    • Readiness assessment
    • Pre-Migration Checklist
  • Migration to O365
    • Cutover Migration
    • Staged/Batched Migration
    • Hybrid Migration
  • Integration solutions
  • Pre and Post-Migration Training and Support