Disaster Recovery (DR) options are wide and varied and what made sense for organizations five or ten years ago, may be a strategic or cost impact in the modern age.

And DR is much more than a technology solution. It’s a strategic objective with a defined roadmap that brings assurance to the business that it’s systems, data and brand is protected.

Scaled Data takes a prescriptive approach to Disaster Recovery. Our teams of Project Managers and engineers take a very holistic view to understand the most appropriate method for strategic DR success.

  • Perform a Business Impact Analysis to help align business expectations with recovery options
  • Execute a cloud readiness assessment to determine the viability of public/private cloud recovery options
  • Review hardware refresh cycle to determine if modern hardware platforms could influence a DR strategy
  • Advise on Active/Active opportunities to help reduce recovery needs
  • Design and document Disaster Recovery Program
  • DRaaS options
  • DR technical architecture and runbooks

Out technical teams can execute on deploying the technical components of the strategy and our PMs will coordinate the effort from start to finish.

  • Azure/AWS stack aptitudes for execution of public cloud DR designs
  • Commodity technology (Network/Servers/Storage) aptitudes for oversight, delivery and documenting the DR design
  • DRaaS execution from a talented pool of Datacenter and technical experts
  • Workload migration to HCI (Datrium/Hyperflex, Nutanix)

Disaster Recovery For Healthcare

DR for healthcare is unique and exposes significant challenges over DR for other markets. With significant (and often times complex) integration requirements, designing, executing, and ultimately supporting, a healthcare DR program can be difficult.
Many healthcare IT departments are thinly staffed and often times DR, though conceptualized, goes unmanaged or the program exists, but it was relevant 10 years ago.

Scaled Data has the experience and healthcare knowledge to align the business requirements for disaster Recovery to the technical program needed to deliver. We can provide:

  • Consultation on the viability of your current DR plan
  • Consultation to assist in meeting regulatory expectations for data safeguarding and recovery
  • Net new DR design based on our proven methods for understanding and creating strategic roadmaps for your organization’s DR needs
  • Experience with designing DR for EMRs (Epic, Allscripts, etc.), Imaging/PACs, Document management, ERP, Datawarehouse and other healthcare-centric solutions