The integration of acquired or merging firms is a key driver for the success or failure of bringing two disparate organizations together. The combining of two companies, blending cultures, joining workforces, and capturing synergies requires careful planning and attention to detail. ScaledData has been involved in over 150 mergers and lead cross-functional teams through the Integration Planning to Integration Execution.

  • Leads the multi-discipline functions throughout the planning and execution phases of an acquisition
  • Works directly with Business Development team members during the Due Diligence phase to understand scope, key synergies, functional needs, to ensure a seamless transition from Due Diligence to Integration.
  • Performs assessing and documenting technical and business processes, infrastructure requirements, data compliance, technology vendor contracts, and other areas as needed
  • Develops in-depth knowledge of various systems and software to evaluate the best firm-wide and partner resources
  • Reviews and assesses technology vendor contracts to determine appropriate course of action to ensure continuity of services, consolidating with enterprise agreements where possible
  • Translates due diligence information from requirements into project/action plans, and coordinates with technical teams to implement flawless execution, minimizing disruption to business operations
  • Continuously tracks project activities, risks and issues to ensure the integration progresses on schedule and budget to achieve the synergies.
  • Ensures the prioritization and balance of the Integration activities to minimize any disruption of the existing business of the acquired company, while also driving necessary changes to achieve committed goals.

Our team of M&A experts are accustomed to partnering with organizations looking to acquire companies of all size and structure.

  • Experience working with very small (20-50 user) companies onboarding to much larger organizations
  • Experience with mid-market organizations onboarding to other mid-market or larger organizations
  • Experience with merging enterprise businesses