Using Technology & Process to Support Alternative Work Locations

Businesses are moving toward a disrupted, de-centralized workforce, where worker productivity is based on outcomes rather than “cube” hours. Additionally, young workers entering the workforce have new expectations for how work is performed, from what type of devices and from where. As organizations develop new and unique opportunities for decreased spending and increased productivity, they are seeking proven solutions that can be quickly and cost effectively implemented across the enterprise.

Scaled Data can advise, design and deploy an effective remote workforce solution and bring continuity to offsite staff.

  • Role Based modeling helps to score the potential effectiveness of a remote position
  • Departmental “shift” as an exercise to evaluate entire departments or remote sites for migration to remote workers
  • Prescriptive analysis of gaps in compliance and process that may hinder a remote workforce initiative
  • Threat assessments for potential concerns with regulated data that could put a remote workforce initiative at risk

Our solutions are based on years of experience guiding organizations toward sustainable goals.

  • A stable, high performing & scalable Work from Home technology solution
  • A secure and compliance driven Work from Home strategy
  • A turn-key “transition” process to covert staff to Work from Home

Our goal is help organizations identify trends and adapt their workplace offerings.

  • Younger workers have an expectation for alternative work locations
  • Older workers are staying longer in the workforce as Work from Home options are conducive to their needs
  • Green environmental programs are dictating companies reduce their carbon footprint by limiting workplace commuters

Scaled Data can help you navigate the challenges of a work from home initiative.

  • Outage Management for remote workers
  • Leadership “buy in”
  • Support considerations
  • Defining “remote worker” vs. “Work from home”
  • Business Continuity considerations